How to make your face look slimmer


A flabby face is cute on babies, but can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Do you want to make your face look slimmer without having on healthy diet or a gym schedule?

If yes, then we have a tool known as makeup to comfort you.

Makeup is a powerful tool that can conceal imperfections, augment best features, and can even make your face look thinner. Makeup techniques and hair styles has incredible effect can change your faces look and draw concentration to your best features.

Makeup techniques which will help you look slim

1.    Grow out your brows: A face with full brows appear slimmer as it helps to cover the open spaces. But make sure the eyebrows should look considerable and have a proper arch in the middle.  Color your brows with a darker shade to stand them out.


2.    Go for a cat eye: The most attractive thing on a girl’s face is eyes, so play with it. Use a liner to draw the outer edges of the eyes and apply a little shadow which will help the lower portion of the face to look bit narrow. It enhances the triangular edges of the face by making eyes to look more prominent.


3.    Contour without bronzer: You must be surprised??? I know, but its true your contouring should not look like as contour. It should appear as a fine shadow on your face. It should complement your natural features. Using a sculpting brush add powder to your hairline, then from the arch of the eyebrow shade the temples towards the hairline on both the side. Afterwards, apply the brush from the ear moving towards the lip joints. Lastly, make your jaw line sharper by blending under the chin.


4.    Pay attention to the hair: As a thumb rule center partition of the hair make the face look plumpy. A side partition generally hides the other part of the face and makes it look narrow. Parting from the eyebrow’s arch slims the face down.


5.    Wear long earrings: We normally avoids wearing long earrings. But this is true that wearing long earrings can tone down the weight from the face. So don’t hesitate to flaunt them in this weekend party.


6.    Use highlighter: Apply a touch of light highlighter to the center of your nose, cheek bones and the forehead. It will make the face look extended. I always apply the highlighter to make my eyes into the narrow points and draw the concentration away from the wider portions. 


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