Everyone’s wearing Animal print, why not you – How to wear animal print


Every girl has at least one piece of animal print be it in a top, dress or scarf with a question – how to dress it right? Animal prints are always in trend, which certainly gives them enough scope of styling. If you've any funky animal-print piece hiding in your wardrobe somewhere, now's the time to let that out.

Spots and stripes can fail you if you don’t interpret them right. Now, how you will interpret those tricky patterns -

Leopard Print

With a dress you can have bangle stacked on your wrist as an accessory.  Keep the lips in nude shade with a Voyalla neck piece.  If you are wearing a bigger part of your dress as an animal print then leave your footwear as plain black or nude.  
 If you feel your dress or top is too flashy, try it with a single coloured jacket or cardigan over your top preferably in a colour synchronization of your print.  
If you are going with a animal print on your lower/pant then to look them more sober try knee length boots in a colour that goes with the colour of your print. You can also go for a colour from your own accessories that will complement your animal print.

The accessory should complement your animal print

Normally an animal print is enough to highlight your style but if you feel to add more charm in it by adding accessory then it should match with your animal print. Like a scarf or a purse of the animal print would do good (consider small print).  The idea is to use minimal!
Animal print with a bright colour

As I said earlier an animal print is itself flashy but people loving bright colour would like to wear a combination of two. So, you can go for a bright colour but sure shot single vibrant colour.

Make sure the colour should not conflict with the print. You can try many colours like blue, deep green and Mud colour. Leave the footwear of that same bright colour too.

Try to play with colours like pastel with the pastel flats. Interesting!

Combination of two prints

I know it sounds crazy but our fashionistas have proved it true that two animal prints are directly proportional to style statement. Try leopard print with polka dots – delectable!

A sleeveless top with tucked in black and white polka dot with black booties, is a total look to steal.
Hope you like this article. Do let me know how you add animal print to your style statement.

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