5 easy Hacks that can stop breakout after threading your eye brows


We all love that clean threaded eyebrows but freaks the breakouts that comes after. Essentially, eyebrows maintenance is a bare necessity, but the unpleasant breakout makes it more difficult to enjoy that neat skin at least for a week. 

However, the good part is that threading or waxing certainly opens the skin pores, but it is difficult to hold good from both the ends, as one cannot deny the breakout. Well, fret no more, since I have got your breakout woes taken care of for good. Here is how you can avoid that awful breakout from happening.

1. Before visiting your saloon wash you face and exfoliate areas which are going to be waxed or thread to make them bacteria free. As the threading opens the pores and any bacteria nearby get inside those pores and henceforth clog the skin pores leaving kin prone to acne or breakout.

2.  A straight rule never applies moisturizer before the appointments instead go with a baby powder on your skin. This baby powder will help the thread or wax to grab the hair and absorb those skin oil leaving it smooth and irritation free.

3.  Beauty experts always suggest to not to touch the face after threading. It increases the propensity to transfer the bacteria from your hand to those open pores.

4.  The irritation and inflammation after threading is inevitable so to calm down those areas use natural products and avoid products with synthetic oils as they can ground breakouts.

5.  Excessive sweating makes the skin prone to breakouts so better you comply with your workout before going for an appointment. 

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