Get Beachy: Tips for the perfect beach look


When it comes to striking the beach, your makeup should be minimum. If you are planning to going into the water a full makeup face is a big no, infact totally impractical too. The fact is to enjoy a sunnier version of you rather than a made up one. So here are some makeup tips for the beach.

·        Don’t use a cream blush, instead dust a lighter bronzer across your forehead and cheeks. Apply a translucent powder across your face in order to help protect your make up and keep it in place for a longer period of time.

·        Avoid heavy makeup like foundation. Instead use tinted day cream or light bb cream containing SPF. It will make your skin to look younger and also protect you from harmful UV rays.

·        Apply waterproof mascara. While applying eye makeup go for a low maintenance look. Avoid lining your lower eye lid and go for a more natural colour like brown.

·        Apply translucent powder in the areas you need it most- like your T-zone. You can also use little blush to really give your face that beachy look. Your makeup should matches your skin tone and bring the glow out of your face not cover it.

·        A golden shimmer will bring the best features out of you making you look stunning. Apply the shimmer on your eyebrows, cheekbones, cleavage and shoulders.

·        If you forget to wear your eye makeup then sunglasses are the answer to everything.

·        A hat will keep the sun rays away from your face and ensure that your makeup won’t bleed for a longer period of time.     

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