The most Flattering hairstyles to complement your face shape


Before buying Sunglasses or experimenting a new hairstyle you must consider analyzing your face shape. Analyzing the shape of your face in the mirror would be best in finding the appropriate hair style.

To analyze the face shape you have just scrape your hair from the back and trace the shape of your face onto the mirror with some pencil or lipstick. Now carefully observe your face shape outline whether you have round, square, long, oval and heart shape face. Play up your with best charm, by finding out which hair style suits your face, with our short guide below.
Such faces are known for power and strength. So thanks to your parents for the bestowing DNA a square shape which shapes age so well and also look good in photos.
Follow – To balance a square shape try fringes which are low towards brows and cut with longer length from the sides. Curls and waves particularly around the jaws helps to obscure any severity in the jawline.
Avoid – Short haircuts because that will add volume to face and give the face a square look.
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A round face appears bulky so very likely you really don’t look of your age! So the story of a perfect hairstyle ends in making your face to look slim. If you are thinking for an apt haircut add layers on the top and width near the cheekbones.
Follow – A round shaped face looks good with mix of lengths. If you add a side part deeply and let the side swept bang your face will look even slimmer. Precisely add height to your hair style.
Avoid – The frizzed short layers which may cause your face to look bulky.
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One of the best face shape with which every style goes well. An oval face is little longer than its width. It looks like an inverted egg – width at the top. Since an oval shape is considered as a perfect shape so you can try almost any hair style and experiments as many haircuts.
Follow – Thick cut fringes looks good or try a style which add width like layers or waves.
Avoid – Do not follow style which cover your face with hair
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In heart shaped faces onto the forehead a hairline seems to peak- tiny tuft of v-shaped. However, it is not necessary to depict that hairline in the hair styles as well. Since in such hair styles the forehead is much wider than jawline styles which add width at the jaws goes well.
Follow – Try some fringes to balance out the shape if you have a hairline peak. Under the cheekbones waves and curls also add charm to the face.
Avoid – Style that makes the temple look wider and styles with added height as it will make the chin look thinner.
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Diamond faces are wide at the cheekbones and narrow w at the chin and forehead. So you should go for a style which balance the narrow chin and make the overall face length look shorter.
Follow – Style which add attention to the middle of your face like adding lot of layers. Soft textures can be added in form of flowing waves. The hair can also be pulled back to show the charm of cheekbones. Side swept bangs or Side long bangs also make the middle portion look amazing.
Avoid – Straight bangs which cover the forehead. Excessive layers and too much volume on the face with hair should be avoided. Short haircuts usually not goes well. 
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 So which hairstyle you like most for your face shape? Do share with us in the comment section. 

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