Go patriotic fashionably this Republic day


I am a person who is very obsessed with fashion and festivities. With the starting of January I start feeling patriotic as we have Republic Day in this month. With the idea of Republic day my mind gets brimmed with tri colours. In India we exchange gifts on diwali to celebrate the festival of lights. But last year I made a resolution to celebrate Republic day similar to Diwali and give gifts to my friends and colleagues to pay off well to patriotism.

For me it’s not a one day festivity but a day to thanks to our country, after all the trend and fashion that we follow comes from the roots of our culture and country.

To add a flavor of fun to the patriotism I have bought some customized dressing (no contrast this Republic Day) and accessories that you can carry on Republic day and flaunt tri-colours of our national flag fashionably.

                                             Tri Colour Chiffon Dupatta                                                                                                                                 Buy it here worth Rs 249
                                                               Indian flag charm bracelet
                                                               Buy it here worth Rs 2000 

                                                           Gold plated tricolour leaf brooch 
                                                             Buy it here worth Rs 299
                                                                 Republic day T-shirt
                                                                 Buy it here worth Rs 299
                                                                    Tri Colour Bangles
                                                                     Buy it here worth Rs 225
                                                                        Tricolour Bag 
                                                                         Buy it here worth Rs 2000
                                                                             Multicolour danglers drops
                                                                            Buy it here worth Rs 176

Which style you are going to carry this Republic Day? Do share with us in the comment section.

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