Style refresher for every working female


The mystery of an ideal wear at office haunts an office going girl many times. As a career bird your life is too busy in chasing goals and fulfilling personal achievement everyday. So, thinking what to wear everyday wastes lot of time however a little dazzle in your outfit can make your day and stand you out in the office. Your outfit has the power to change your surroundings and let you express your individuality and independence with your wardrobe which has stylish and versatile of its own. Even if your office is traditional or creative the coordinates of success is a clean and stylish look whether it is block colored style or little stunning one to give you a cute look. I am discussing below the little secrets that not only help you to look good as well as make you comfortable and confident.

I have bought 10 style rules refresher for an ideal office collection for females’ here
1. Try to wear some neutral color palette like cream, navy, grey or charcoal.
2. Your hair and makeup should be neat and simple. I believe a simple bun or French poni would give a feminine look however giving an authoritative look.
3. Try to carry some flats or scuff-free heels. Even if you want to go for heels don’t go more than 3 inches.
4. An accessory is an important element for a female powerhouse. So, enlighten it with a simple and sleek accessories rather than bulky pieces.
5. If you want to go for a two piece suit doesn’t go for a matching one instead wears a black blazer with charcoal or grey pant. The more you opt for subdued colors you will have liberty to mix the colors bit more.
6. Gift your waist a thin and stylish belt to add charm to your dressing.
7. The neckline should not exceed lower than 4 inches of your collarline.
8. Try to avoid spaghetti straps as tops without sleeves should pull out of your shoulders.
9. If you like to wear a little steep top, go with a blazer. A camisole will give you extra precaution.
10. The safest and smartest hemline is knee length. Try to avoid shorter than few inches above your knees.




So birdies, what is your favorite pick for the office today, do share with us in the comment section.

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