Missing period and other health symptoms you should not ignore!


Being a woman the health issues are as unique as your body. How much you take care of yourself now have a greater impact on your future affecting your heart, sugar and your pregnancy as well. Like any red light warnings our body also sends us some signals which we need to identify before its get too worsen. Normally it is seen if you miss a symptom it will lead to terrible ending. So just don’t creep or avoid these signals and try to understand what these signals want to tell you about your health. 

Running out of breathe
Sudden changes in breathing could be a cause of underlying health problem. Extreme temperature, excess obesity, rigorous exercise and high altitude all can create shortness of breath. Sometime it can also be symptom of allergic reaction like asthma. Struggling in breathing also arise with a panic attack that severally triggers many physical reactions. If you experience any of these just take deep breath and immediately seek a doctor’s advice.

Missing your period regularly
Did you miss your period this month as well?? These days missing periods are not a big deal. With the change in lifestyle there are many reasons which stands for missing period like stress, sudden weight loss or gain, improper diet, side effects of the birth control pill or due to medical complications like PCOD.

Missing of period for months may result in serious health complications. So, in short if you missing your period get an appointment with your gynecologist who will not only prescribe you medicine but also assist you in leading healthy lifestyle. 

Unexplained weight loss
Losing weight sound cool, but it can also be a signal of health problem if you are not intending to lose weight. If you have lost more than 12 kg of weight in last 6 months without trying to lose weight then must try to see doctor. This sudden weight loose can be symptom of depression, thyroid, or cancer.

Back pain every other day
Most of us tend to suffer from back pain every other day. Women with inappropriate posture, obesity, stress and anxiety normally complains for back pain. Practicing Yoga is considered as a mantra to deal with the problem. If you still feel back pain see a physical therapist and immediately book an appointment today only.
Muscle weakness
Facing difficulty in picking things and walking without any injury is abnormal and should be checked soon. The muscle weakness may signal something wrong in the brain which actually initiates all body movement.    

Change in frequency or colour of urine
The more you drink the more you pee is a common phenomenon of human body. But if you have observed increase in frequency of urine without any explanation then it could be because of diabetes or infection. However, if the colour of the urine changes to red, yellow, brown or pinkish it might be result of having any particular medication, dehydration, infection, eating any specific food or to worse due to liver problem.

 It is always advised to drink plenty of water and have healthy diet to have a normal experience of urine. But if it doesn’t work get a urine test done.

Frequent Fever
Fever occurring frequently is not a good sign for your health. It’s a signal that there is some uncured hidden infection residing in your body. This infection may be in your urinary tract.

This frequent fever also makes you weaker from inside and reduces your body immunity.  How about booking an appointment with your doctor today?

Heart Palpitations
Stress is often related to heart palpitations.  If constant it also signals an irregular heartbeat. If not treated timely it increases the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Feeling lumps in your breast
If you feel some kind of lump in your boobs don’t just arrive on a single conclusion of cancer. All the lumps are not cancerous in nature. These lumps also signify if your period is due or you are taking too much caffeine which aggravates boobs soreness. Coming to the point these limps are also because of some injury or infection. The reason could be anything but you should not get it delayed for treatment to avoid future complications. 

Do you have any other symptom to get added in the list which our birdies should not ignore do share with us in the comment section? 

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