Give your skin an Aromatherapy steam facial at home


After the ups and downs of the weekdays our body wants a passive aromatherapy facial but sometimes you don’t feel to book an appointment of professional spa and relax at home. So don’t worry with some easily available herbs you can do an aromatherapy steam facial at home. There are many oils and herbs available in the market for facials but you have listen your skin’s requirement. If your skin feels irritated use a chamomile oil whereas if your skin needs help with restlessness use lavender as herb or oil.

Here’s What You Need:

Clean towel

Boiling water

Cotton Balls

Toner  (You can also prepare it at home with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar) 

Optional Herbs

Fennel – has anti-aging antioxidants

Chamomile – relaxes irritated skin

Eucalyptus – relieves acne and nasal decongestion

Parsley – heals acne and acts as a natural caustic

Lavender –helps with insomnia and calms skin

Geranium – acts as a natural astringent

Rosemary – balances oily skin


1.    Start with cleaning your skin with cleanser or hot water. 

2.    Then boil water and pour it in a bowl. Mix an appropriate amount of oil/herbs in the bowl. Place your bowl on a table where you can easily sit with your face over the steam. 

3.    Steaming: Every professional spa and facial starts with steaming because it releases bacteria, open up pores and removes dirt from skin. Place you face over the bowl of water keeping a distance of one foot from the water. Make a tent of the towel over your head to keep your face in steam. In case you feel too hot and burning move your face little back. The steam should soothe the skin not burn it. The another good thing about steam is that it hydrates the skin making it health and glow. Sit for 10-15 minutes in the steam, until the water cool down.

4.    Clean your face gently with a clean towel. (Leave the extractions from the pores to professional, birdies!)

5.    Apply toner with a cotton ball to remove the dirt which has loosened from the pores.

6.    Apply moisturizer tenderly on the skin to lock in moisture. 

This home steam facial is an inexpensive and easy method to supplement your skincare schedule.  

So, are you going to give yourself an aromatherapy facial at home this weekend? Do let us know which herb you end up using?

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