Foods to help with Menstrual Cramps



Feeling irritated, Feeling blown up.  You got cramps. Oh, so here you have menstrual cycle. You must have gone through cramps going through your abdomen and feeling helpless.  You have had enough of painkillers and heating pads… 

But, did you by any chance realize what you are eating during your periods, even few days before that??? Does that diet have the ability to reduce cramps? I know food during cramps does not count your attention. But there is food which is PMS friendly and makes a big difference during cramps. Your dietary adjustment can certainly have an impact on the menstrual cramps. Here check out the weapons r can actually use against the torment of periods. 

Catch on Calcium

Calcium has the properties to reduce the muscle cramping during menstruation. In a study it is proved that women eating calcium rich dairy products have atleast 40 percent lesser risk of developing PMS. Food with calcium includes:

Milk Products



Lick on Dark Chocolate

During period getting craving for dark chocolate is normal. Dark chocolate is a healthy option relatively since it not only satisfies your craving as well as relaxes your muscles without consuming much fat. 

Hand on Papaya

Papaya has high level of vitamin A and C and some amount of calcium. It is a wonderful fruit which not only helps in digestion but also good for skin.  

Drink Water

We all know fluids are the must when your body is cramping. Not only in periods drinking water normally keeps your body dehydrated and increase blood flow to the skin. If taking water directly is difficult you can try these water based food:





Sips on Tea

Caffeine is a no-no during the period as it can result in anxiety. Therefore, to replace the coffee addiction sips on tea. Nowadays you can find different types of tea in market. Preferably, green tea helps to reduce cramps.  

Go on with Pineapple

The summer’s food Pineapple has the properties to relax your muscles which further reduce your cramps. You can consume this food plain, as juice or smoothie.  

Hang on Banana

I know you must be wondering how a banana can help in bloating. But it is true that eating bananas after exercising helps in reducing muscular cramps. The similar thing goes for the menstrual cramps. So, try to eat one banana during the menstrual cycle to reduce cramps. 

Pop some peanuts

Peanuts are the good source of magnesium and vitamin B6. Magnesium helps to regulate serotonin which actually helps to lift your mood swings. Peanuts are calorie intense so must watch the quantity you consume as you don’t want to add on weight to reduce menstrual cramps.  

Go on Salmon hunt

Salmon is a good source of vitamin D and omega-3 which helps us to reduce menstrual symptoms like reducing irritability. It n helps to fight inflammation keeping the bloating in check. 

  Disclaimer: The information provided is just a snapshot of medical advice for better understanding of our readers. It is not intended to offer a substitute to professional treatment.

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