Cute and interesting styles to drape dupatta with western outfits


Style is all about having fun and experimenting with different outfits to discover your style statement. We always use the Indo-Western fusion to add western elements in our Indian dresses. However, with the power of Indian dupatta you can transform a simple Jeans top into elegant fit and yet make it look like a brand new outfit each time. Drape a dupatta in a different way every time and see a change in the way you look with just the right styling of the modest dupatta. For an office outfit a top and trouser is an appropriate fit but severally wearing a tight top might be bit uncomfortable. So here you can try these draping styles which not only catch the eyes looking at you but also boost your confidence. Infact if your in-laws insist on wearing dupatta at home then you can try these different styles of draping and be stylish even at home.

1. Roll around
The most simplest and cute one – Roll around. Wear the dupatta simply around your neck and leave it to flow from the front. If your dupatta is still very long you can also tie a knot in the front as shown in picture. This is the most loved among the jeans lovers.

2.    Knotted style
A plane knot simply spices up your dress or top. I am sure you will love this elegant look.
3.     Even celebrities adore wearing a dupatta these days.
A multi-coloured dupatta look fabulous with jeans and nude colour tops.
4.    Looped dupatta
If your dupatta is too long to drape directly to your neck fold that diagonally and loop it there. It will give you the look as you are carrying a scarf.

5.    Warped style
Normally for the contrast if you have dual colour dupatta warp it across your neck from the front. Pin up the ends from the back giving it a rocking look.

6.    Triangular dupatta

With this you can make any normal dupatta into a quirky outfit. Just fold your dupatta diagonally and fold that from the back. Loop it across your neck. Pick any printed or solid colour for this stunning style. With the tops under jacket it goes well.
7.     Cocoon style
This style majorly works for heavy dupattas. If you are bored of your suits and thinking what to do with those heavy and expensive dupattas Cocoon is a must go. It will not only cover not only your bust line and tummy but also looks elegant. Wrap it from the back and from below the arms bring it at the front, leaving each end in a criss cross pattern.  
8.     Jacket Style
With the high heel shoes this style goes right away. Drape your dupatta like a jacket with a belt below. It will cover your bra straps from the front.

Here how you can put your dupattas to use. Do you any other idea to be added in the list? Do share in the comment section.

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