A more wonderful you: most flattering 5 minutes tips for messy hair


Sometime you think you would wash your hair early morning but the next thing happens you wake up late and running to have your breakfast in hands. In between hair styling becomes a headache. It’s very common at least with me that I got late but never give up on my hair style. I manage my hair style without doing extra efforts with my preen and simple hair styling tips which helps to manage my messy hair and keep the style intact. So here I am sharing some of the quick and easy hairstyles which you can also use with your messy and unwashed hair.

1. Loose bun
    Even with messy hair there is so much can be done with a bun. Tie the hair at the back to make a pouf with loose. Try to tie the hair with a small band which you can hide with the remaining hair. Let the remaining hair cover your head to give a flawless look to your hairstyle. 

                                                    Photo: Hairstyle Weekly

2. Messy bun
   The girls all time fab a messy hair bun always work with messy hair. Tie your hair with a band and set the extra hair with pin. Do not tie the bun tight. 
                                                                    Photo: Pretty designs
3. Sleek side bun
   Got greasy hair???? Sleek bun is a must for greasy hair with unwashed hair. Neatly comb your hair to   the side and make a neat bun at the side with rubber band. You can apply serum or gel to manage the fly away strands to place the hair neat. Make sure bun should not be very bulky. It should look as a side accessory. (Frazer Harrison)
                                                                     Photo: Frazer Harrison

4. Messy Ponytail
   One of girl’s all time favourite a sleek ponytail with the messy ends. 

5. Braidytail
   The essence of pretty and messy styles comes in the form of shared hair elements. Just pair a braid and ponytail and you will get a flawless hairstyle which you can easily carry at your work.
                                                                         Photo: Stylecaster

6. Casual Knot
   A simple yet cute tip - to tie the hair on the top of the head and make a small pouf. Then focus on the knot which you’ll prepare by tying the remaining hair into a sleek ponytail and wrapping tightly around the pouf. Do leave some ends to peak out.                                            


   7. Princess Braid
   This hairstyle will definitely going to make you remember Snowhite. This hairstyle always help me to give a pretty look even though they are not washed. Take a small amount of hair either above your ear or under depends on your face. Prepare a small and neat braid on both the sides then tie those braids at the back with a small band.                   
                                                                Photo: allwomenstalk.com
 So birdies which style is your pick of the day??? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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