Simple and Smart tips for Intimate Hygiene


We regularly do conversations on sharing tips and experiences on skin care, hair care and cosmetics. But, the most important intimate hygiene topic is discussed rarely. Cleanliness means feeling carefree and looking your most beautiful every day and at the same time avoiding unpleasant smells and sometimes dangerous health problems that may mount.

Here are some basic tips to maintain impeccable hygiene down there:

Just keep it Clean
When we say keep it clean then we tend to use those liquid soaps, sprays, powders and cleansing wipes which are harmful. If they are to be used, they should not be used regularly. It is always advisable to concentrate on the outer folds/part of vagina and for that I suggest to clean with Luke warm water and if it is required then only use right feminine hygiene wash

Trim & Shave
First trim the area with scissors (sharp pair) and make sure they are clean to avoid any bacterial infection. Try keeping mirror so you don’t end up bending painfully and can have full view of what you’re doing. Then, start to sniff away softly.

Try washing your intimate parts at least once a day
It is advisable to wash your vagina emptying of the bowel (defecation) to prevent transmission of bacteria to the vagina and most important when you have your period make a habit of washing twice a day with Luke warm water

Always wipe from front to back
So, here is the direction you can follow while wiping from vagina to anus, i.e from front to back. This way you won’t be thinning out harmful bacteria.

Stay comfy with cotton underwear
Cotton clothing enables you to breathe and make you feel comfortable all day.

So birdies stay confident and hygienic and do let us know about any other useful tip to count on.

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