How to protect chapped lips in Winter


Birdies it’s cold outside!!!  Winter is the awesome time of the year, but the dry skin and chapped lips are not great brought by winters. Lips become thirsty and dry and make produce pain while talking ad even shivering. However, temporarily relief can be provided by lip balms but better to solve the problem from the roots.

I have been sharing the tips to save the chapped lips in some of my articles so let's have a brief recap today.

Hydrate yourself

You should consume atleast 3 litres of water everyday. Lip dryness is mostly because of dehydration. If you actually see you may love winters but they are not going to love your skin. I am sure no one wants to have lips like grandma. You don’t realize that you are consuming lesser water and your chapped lips will come at a surprise.

Try some cucumber on your pout
The healing properties of cucumber have been proved in several studies. Not only it win over healing property but also help in reducing irritation and reliving dryness. So, you just need to slowly press your pout with a cold sliced and juicy cucumber for 5 minutes. Your lips gonna love this cucumber therapy…

Say hello to Balm
The answer to smooth and moisturized lips is a great lip balm. But what makes a lip balm great you will wonder??? As always I recommend a balm with most natural essence and contain elements like olive oil, shea and cocoa butter. Well Vaseline can do the job well enough but my all time favorite balm is L’occtaine – Ultra rich Shea Butter Lip Balm. I always keep it in my bag even in summers.

Eat enough veggies and fruits
Several studies have revealed that too much acid in body can make the lips chapped. Having sufficient fruits and vegetables will reinstate the body’s PH level to a right level. You can try some soups, smoothies and raw salads. One bowl full of veggies and fruits daily make your skin and lips smoothen and moisturized.

Scrub them out
Once in a while it is good to exfoliate your lips to remove dead and dry skin. You can try some of the best and readily available lip scrub if you don’t want to be crafty like lip scrub cane sugar which contains kokum seed butter and organic bee to gently exfoliate the dead skin. 

In addition to this have one bonus tip don’t lick your lips, it may temporarily offer relief but actually make the things worst. Your saliva will make your lips even drier and more painful after drying. So whenever you get the instinct to lick the lips, go for a lip balm instead.  

So birdies if you have any tried and spot on tips do share with us do write them in the comments… 

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