How to correct dry skin???


Winters are so close and if your skin is like mine then your skin must be getting max out of dryness. Taking care of your skin does not need any fortune; it simply needs moisturization and well protection. The natural lipid layer of the skin get depletes with low humidity, low temperatures and ruthless wind. The dry air from the heaters and furnaces also add to this dryness. You will find plenty of skincare products claiming natural essence for winters but why not directly go to the source????

With every changing season our skincare products also need transitioning. Whether it may be our regular beauty products like lip balm or moisturizer to more unusual products like lip scrubber, all need to be applied wisely.

Without further ado, here go the tips to repair the dry skin

Tune down the heat
Hot water strips out the natural moisturizer of the skin. Be sure your shower is lukewarm not hot. Even try to keep shower short and don’t torture your skin with multiple showers.
Don’t torture the hands as well by washing hands with hot, hot water. Wash your hands with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to apply a layer of moisturizer on your body firmly and give your body some time to absorb the moisturizer before getting in clothes.

Drink up birdies
Consume more water than you think you should. It not only replenish the water you loose but also keep you nourished from the inside out.

Consume Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt is known for its hydrating properties. You can have them in your meal course or give a mask of it at weekends.

Transitioning of products   
As I always say with the changing season you should also change your products. So if its is winters skip the face powders and go for some milky products or use a mix of moisturizer and concealer which not only make the application smooth but also make the skin smooth.

Choose a facial mask for dry skin
Try some home made facial mask at home. It can be little crafty but worthwhile. These home made facials cost close to nothing and work great on dry skin.

Exfoliate at least once a week  
If your skin is chappy and excessively dry no moisturizer gonna work on that. So, apply a layer of virgin coconut oil on your skin (wash the face before applying oil). Then with a wet and warm cloth massage the oil gently into the skin. It really works to moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

In addition to this you can also use dry brushing before going for shower. A regular dry brushing for a week brings difference to the skin.

If you have any other home made tip to repair dry skin do share with us in comment section. 

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