The Perfect skirt for your body type


Skirts are one of the feminine pieces which a girl really adore and hence carefully stock her closet with the appropriate piece. Being a girl I believe there is no concept of perfect body shape it’s all about the perfect styling. I have seen girls on many events carrying skirts just for trend though their body shapes ‘do not provide grace to their outfits. It’s good to love your body because it is meant to love only but do not intend to carry everything you believe to be beautiful.

A proper should do justice to your body – in length, style and pattern. I can’t tell you the perfect skirt for you but I can share some tips and advice which will help you to decide a perfect skirt for you.

Understand your body type

If you have a pear shaped body...
If you have broader hips and thinner shoulders then you body is considered as pear shaped body. In this case you can go for a pleated A line which hits at the knee. Fitted at the waist and flair through the hips make your curve look good. A hemline at the knee is most pleasing. Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez have pear shaped body, but they carry themselves vey beautifully.

If you have a banana shape body...
There is no body definition for those who have a banana shape body as there is no substantial difference between lower and upper body. Go for those skirts which will add curves to your body and add feminine like Tulip skirts. A side split or overlapping piece can create magic as they give you whole lot of scope to flaunt your lean legs.
You should not go for half-calf length skirts which can make you look shorter.

If you have an apple shape body...

If you carry weight around middle and have slim lower body you are considered to have an Apple shape. In such curves high waisted floucy skirts will look good because waistband will hit at the smallest part of torso and flare over the stomach. So try out some shorter skirts preferable A line to draw the attention towards your lovely thighs and hips. Avoid pleats, pockets and stuff gathering near the waist because this will add weight to your tummy's+flouncy+skirt

If you have an hourglass shape body...

If you have equal shoulders and hips in size separated by a narrow waist you are considered to have a hourglass shape body. Tulip skirts hits right at this style because these are ultra flattering and accentuates the curves, smoothing out the thighs. 
The fitted high waist pencil skirts show off those killer curves and make them center of attraction

Which skirt style you gonna take out this summer???

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