Do you know when your cosmetic product expires?


From expiry date certainly the first thing to come in my mind is “food”. But many of us actually don’t know that our beauty product too have a expiry date. Many of our beauty products live their life in our cosmetic box since they are not used often in the hope that they will be used someday….Right? However, if you keep on hanging your beauty products for long particularly past its expiration date probably they will be accumulated with bacteria and microbes and might trouble you with skin problems.

Products which don’t have water contamination like powder lasts for long, nothing can grow in these kinds of products. If your product says “preservative free” then you should be extra cautious since bacteria can flourish easily in them.

According to the FDA, “There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that requires cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products.”

But there are chances that a wise manufacture might highlight a expiry date on the cosmetics in smallest fonts like 6M or 12M.
Mascara: Don’t make it a habit to add water in the dry Mascara to extend its life. Toss out it 4 – 8 months

Powder based products: Maximum 3 years

Foundations or Concealers: Maximum 1 year

Lipcare like Lip Gloss and Lipsticks: 2-3 years

Toners: Maximum 1 year

Cleansers: Maximum 1 year

Facial or Body Moisturizers: Maximum 1 year
AHA Exfoliants: 1 Year
Hope it helps...

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