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This is my first post for the “stay Fit” column so I decided to pick a topic for which I have seen girls reluctant to talk – Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). We all have grown witnessing the female body changes or sometimes issues. It’s very common and should be confronted whole heartily. Since my childhood I have seen girls bringing sanitry napkins in papers or newspapers from the Chemist with a bag on shame on their faces. But Why????

When we can give birth to a life with proud so how any issues pertaining to our body can be shameful to us. What we are accumulating – shame to discuss our body issues for our coming generations similar to our predecessor. At least I am not ready to take this blame. Well being a blogger it’s my responsibility towards my readers to uplift the curtains of this shame and talk loudly about Urinary Tract Infections.
So, it’s high time now that you should stop avoiding this problem and come forward fought it out and fixed it before it leaves you in guilt.
I had a conversation with my friend who is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician at a private hospital in Delhi who only inspired to write about this topic. She told me how females come to her and feel shy to talk about Urinary Tract Infections. Here is a small snapshot of our conversation which I hope helps many of birdies out there.
I asked her what are the symptoms of UTI?
Females with UTI experience pain and burning sensation after passing Urine. She feels like to go pass urine more often. In some cases lower abdominal and lower back pain can also be felt. Seldom one can also have fever and nausea.
What causes UTI?
Since front (urinary passage) and the back (stool) passage is quite close to each other it is more likely to occur in girls. If we go by reasons, then personnel hygiene particularly of private parts is one of them. Wearing   double protection sanitry napkins or not drinking adequate amount of water can cause UTI. There are also some cases where sexual intercourse was also a reason for UTI.
Any particular season which brings UTI cases?
 Summers are friend of UTI as during the season our body dehydrates through sweat. In absence of enough fluids urine in bladder creates a positive environment for bacteria to grow and develop in bladder.
How can sexual intercourse cause UTI?
Sexual Intercourse increases bacteria in the back and front passage. However, she also suggested avoiding sex with full bladder which certainly leads to UTI.
What are the precautions?
There are two mantras for avoiding UTI
1. Personnel Hygiene: Keep you private parts clean and empty your bladder before sex.
2. Drink plenty of fluids to dehydrate the body 

           What is treatment option available for UTI? 

             The first line treatment is typically antibiotics only. Sometimes urinary analgesics/pain killers are also prescribed as per the case. It is advised to drink plenty of fluids like coffee, water, tea or anything liquid to dehydrate the body. Cranberry Juice is also good to avoid UTI. 
             If you have already witnessed the UTI please consume yogurt and blueberries to make sure it should not come back.   
            So, birdies I have done my part of responsibility, now it’s your turn to talk about this with your friends, daughters or mother. Share the birdie confidence with them to consult the doctor if they have any such symptoms and get it fixed. 

             In case of concern/question/suggestion do write to me in the comment section below and share with our birdie community. I am sure in case not me one of our birdie will be of help.

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