This summer naturally lighten your hair


Here comes the summers frill when everyone wants to have lighter and brighter hair especially a shopaholic like me. Well in that case I should thank God for giving me such bright hair (grows out too fast as well). So you will find me experimenting with my hair often since I don’t like to keep same boring hair styles. I love to indulge in monthly trips to my colorist. During my visits I have seen girls applying artificial or chemical based products to lighten their hair, of which I sometime I feel little awkward as we have all natural ingredients at our home which tend to make hair lighter naturally and do less damage to hair.

  Here’s how you can get sun-streaked locks without spending hours or money in salon…
1. Lemon Juice
The first ingredient comes to my mind is Lemon since I am using it from my childhood. I can remember very well when my mom used to apply lemon juice on my hair. I can claim lemon juice to be a testimony to the fact that it actually works. If we talk about scientifically when the lemon juice heats up in Sun it certainly opens up the cuticles present in hair and lifts out the pigment. So what you have to do is put some lemon juice in a spray bottle, add little water to give it some consistency and spray it into your hair when you head for outside.
If you still doubt the Lemon hair lightening properties try to pour it on a cut apple you will yourself see the awesome bleaching properties of lemon.
2. Honey
My all time favorite ingredient is Lemon so I rarely use honey, but I am sure about its deep nurturing properties.  Applying honey directly to hair can be a trouble so rather than applying it directly you can use it with vinegar for a smooth application. Though one of my friend who is a hair expert suggested to apply Honey with vinegar, olive oil and little cardamom for the sooner results. However, vinegar alone will also do.
3. Tea
Not every tea is actually a lightening agent. Specifically, chamomile tea is considered and applied as a hair lightening ingredient in most of the herbal saloons. Simply boil a tea bag with some water and once it gets cooled rinse your hair with it. Use it 2-3 times before using shampoo in your hair.
4. Beer 
Honestly speaking I have never tried Beer, but my colleagues use it more or less and told me about its hair lightening properties. Bonus point is that Beer also has B vitamins and proteins which help to repair damaged hair. If you are planning to use it I would suggest to use a light beer otherwise you might land up with smelling like a booze and people thinking you are doing heavy drinking these days.   
       5. Baking Soda
I use Baking Soda as a chemical cleanser; it strips the harmful chemical from hair and gives them a lighter texture. This may take a longer time then other agents so you can use them on your hair about once each week at the same time tossing out harmful chemicals from your hair.
Have you ever tried any of these hair lighteners?
Do share your experience with our birdies…

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