Styling tips for curvy girls


We are always taught to wear whatever you like or look the way you want to be but sometime people start thinking we are wearing “too much”. Style pleases to everyone. If you ever noted most of the fashion events come with a model with bigger bust because they do have a style statement and they can nail it at the style game. So, birdies don’t just hide your belly embrace it with these super styling tips.

1. Casual on top
I have seen busty girls wearing large prints often to hide their belly. But this actually does not work instead work as a highlighter. So, have some plain and simple tops with small prints preferably darker colour.
Store: Jabong
Price: Rs. 1330-1700
2. Wear a layer
These days shrugs has been seen an add on look since these are smart and gives a great impression. However, they apart from carrying the style they also cover the curves. So just on it.
Store: Jabong
Price: Rs 1000
3. Try some loose shirts
For a working girl shirts is a big memo. So don’t wrap it like a gift wrapper on you let it fly with a flawless fitting. Well personally speaking I don’t like boutique made shirts so try some different brand to find the right shirt for you.
Store: Mango
Price: Rs 2700
4.Take some breathe with Sleeveless
Don’t just tie yourself with sleeves. Open your arms with sleeveless and feel so light from inside as well as from outside. So, better you go for broader straps as they help to balance the width of your chest.
Store: Jabong

5. The right Fabric
There is no such definition of right fabric it’s just as simple as this avoid wearing stretchable or skin tight fabric because they will recurve your curves instead try some loose and simple fabric.
Store: Mango
Price: Rs 3000
6. Don’t miss the right bra
You know wearing a super smart dress with a wrong bra can take you to the category of that “too much”. It is the bra which makes a difference in a girl’s curve. So keep a check on you from time to time to avoid wrong wearing wrong bra.

7. Make wide or broader belts your friend
Add style to your dress with broader belt at the same time covering the belly to an extent.

8. Have some wardrobe of flare dresses
Flare dresses do not have any measurement. They suits to every body type so try to have some flare dresses.
Store: Nordstrorm
Price: Rs 5473

9. Choose a right neckline
Particularly neckline doesn’t not cover up your curves they just make a difference which actually matters. Have some V neck or scoop neck to your dresses these will not only add length but also be an attention seeker. Try this tip or if you are using it actually make it a habit.
Store: Forever21
10. Try some knee high clothes
Knee high attires makes the legs elongate as well as they look awesome and sexy. Even in winters a combo of mesh tights with knee high boots will showcase your curves in a better way.
Store: Jabong
Price: 3600
If you have any other tip to help in styling our curvy birdies do share with us in the comment section below.

Till then take care.

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