How to avoid split ends


Split ends…a bitter truth that every girl has to deal with. However, it is also true split ends gives a dull and lifeless look to our hair. Girls who are trying to grow long hair, splitend makes it more difficult. No matter how much you take care of your hair, hair fall and split ends are bound to happen. You can numerous reasons to have split ends though there is no remedy to get them repaired once you have them.

 Trimming is the only solution for getting rid of split ends. But this doesn’t mean that this is the end of world. Certainly there is hope! With some simple and precautious steps you can avoid a head full of split ends. Take a look…

Too much brushing
Use a broader tooth comb to detangle your hair. Avoid using hard brush. Hairs are more susceptible to disrupting the epidermis when they are wet which can stretch wet hair up to 25%.  
Mask in moisture
Lock your hair in moisture with a hair mask in once in every week. Using a hair mask every week like Avacado hair mask helps your hair to shine and give a soft feeling throughout the day.
Get them trimmed
The best way to manage split ends is trimming on a regular basis. Though, sometime girls try to get hair trim at home themselves but that would not serve the purpose, eave that for professionals. The scissors at home are not means for trimming; they can actually tussle hair and result in more split ends.    
Beat the heat
Limit the use of blow dryers, hot curlers, straight irons, or other heating styling products. Heated appliances dry the hair with the result that they eventually split. The same rule also stands for showering. Hot water can dry out the moisture of your hair, so get them rinse with cool water since hair cuticles lie flat when splashed with cold water.
Avoid Colouring
Coloring of the hair makes the condition of the hair worse. That does not mean you cancel your colouring appointment Just try to limit the colouring sittings.  
Step out on your old hairstyle
Anything that you wear from a ponytail to bun can cause hair strands to weaken. So keep changing your styles to keep hair healthy. You can go for a knot, side braid or leave your open talking to air.
Use the right shampoo and conditioner
With the right shampoo here I mean the shampoo and conditioner meant for dry hair leaving hair soft and smooth after wash. Don’t apply products which make hair more rough and dry eventually causing split ends. I would suggest go for an herbal product instead.
Stop rubbing with towel
If you really want to avoid split ends naturally then rubbing towel makes the condition of hair more worse. 

Needless to say, you’re eating habits decide the health of your hair. A diet full of healthy fats like olive oil and fish makes the difference and can maintain the health of your hair.

Do you have any other tip to add in the list. Please share in the comments…

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