Beauty Mantra: How to get the perfect curved eyeliner?


I am very excited to announce my new Beauty Mantra series” on the blog! I have decide to start the series after meeting a girl in a fashion event who said she likes the beauty tips posts on my blog but is not aware with the beauty basics. I always talk about which foundation, eyeliner or nail paint to refer but never realized the fact that there are some basic skills missing in my posts.
So today I thought to begin with eyeliner knowing which is similar to whistling with two fingers. When I started applying eyeliner I treated it as driving swiftly which took some time to master but later on gave me swift ride. Putting the liner rightly on the eye curve can be bit scary but with the patience you will be on your way to having a perfect birdie’s winged eyeliner…
Choose your liner carefully
Well, there is a range of eyeliners available in the beauty stores. But I personally prefer liquid eyeliner with water proof properties and can stay for long. Try to find one whose stick is smooth and easy to apply.
Tring – Tring time to apply
I don’t want to tell you here and there steps. Just focus on application.
Step 1:   Start the eyeliner from inner corners. Apply the liner slowly with the consistency, don’t press the stick and swipe the liner across the outer corner. Initially you might feel little shaky but with the practice you will be able to maintain consistency. 
Step2: When you are swiping out decide yourself where to put a stop, since eye shapes differ person to person. You can put a stop where your crease ends or can drag slowly to some point to give a retro look.
If you are pressing the stick during applying eyeliner your liner will be darker. However, if you are maintaining a thicker curve, you need to retrace the steps couple of times.
Step3: Initially you will have traces of liner on your eyes so just clean that with a cotton swab and make the curve consistent throughout.
Personally I like simple and thick curve for my eyes, but it gain depends on your eye shape.
Keep Practicing…
It may take you some to time to get the flawless curve. Initially you can rest your elbow at some point near your mirror to avoid shakiness of hands. It will give you more control as well as move your hands swiftly. Even after the practice of years I have seen professions messing up with liner many time so don’t be demotivated if it didn’t work initially. Keep trying!!!
If you have any other eyeliner tips do share with our birdie community.  I would love to hear from you.

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